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Our team

Our team . . .
Our leadership team at Liberty Vineyard Church is characterized by love, relationship, integrity, excellence, creativity, and accountability. Zac Weaver serves as our lead pastor alongside our other team members – Zac’s wife Amy Weaver, Allen & Nancy Penton, Paul & Karen Sculley. Scroll down for contact info!

Helpful tools for us to organize the troops :)

Take Them a Meal
Perfect Potluck
Lotsa Helping Hands
Poster My Wall
Vineyard Resources

Position NamePhone Email  
lead pastor
Zac Weaver(470) 344-4582 zacandamy@gmail.comzac & amy
more info...
leadership team
Allen Penton(470) 344-4582 artistallen@gmail.comallen
Nancy Penton(470) 344-4582 pentonn1@gmail.comnancy
Paul Sculley(470) 344-4582 paul@srsoln.compaul
Karen Sculley(470) 344-4582 karen@srsoln.comkaren
Amy Weaver(470) 344-4582 zacandamy@gmail.comamy
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