Small groups

Small groups are where we get to know one another better – come join us! Click here for training opportunities at Liberty Vineyard.

Wednesday @ 6:30am – men – Liberty Vineyard Men

Liberty Vineyard men is taking a break right now – let us know if you’re interested in joining us when we recommence soon!

Click here for past men’s Bible studies

Friday @ 10:00am – women – Women’s Bible Study

Each Friday, August 25th – November 3rd – come join us any time! Click on the graphic for more information:
Fight Back With Joy

During women’s Bible study, kids aged 10 & under are welcome to join our kids’ club (no extra charge)!

Click here for answers to “Fight Back With Joy” fill-in-the-blanks and other resources

Some of our lovely ladies “fighting back with joy!” Come join us 🙂

Click here for past women’s Bible studies

Saturday @ 7:00pm – adults & teens – Movie Nights for Thinkers and Seekers

Click on the graphic for more information:
Movie Nights 2017 Jun-Dec

Friday @ 8:00pm – adults – Vineyard Institute

Registration is now open for our upcoming VI (Vineyard Institute) course on “Vineyard Theology: The Kingdom and the Spirit” with DVD teacher Doug Erickson. Click on the graphic for more information!

VI 2017 Q4

once a month special events – teens – Liberty Vineyard Youth

Liberty Vineyard youth 2015 Jan-Apr

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Small group resources

Here are some great ice-breaker questions for small groups!