Small groups

Small groups are where we get to know one another better – come join us! Click here for training opportunities at Liberty Vineyard.

Saturday @ 8:30am – men – Men’s Prayer Breakfast

The men gather on the 2nd Saturday of each month for faith, food, and fellowship. Our next men’s prayer breakfasts are on Saturday, July 21st / August 11th / September 8th / October 13th / November 10th / December 8th @ 8:30am: let us know if you’re interested in joining us and we’ll give you more information including the location!

Click here for past men’s Bible studies

Friday @ 10:00am – women – Women’s Bible Study

Each Friday, June 22nd – October 5th, 2018 – come join us any time! Click on the graphic to register:

During women’s Bible study, kids under 10 are welcome to join our kids’ club (no extra charge)!

Click here for answers to “Believing Jesus” fill-in-the-blanks and other resources

Some of our lovely ladies “fighting back with joy!” Come join us 🙂

Click here for past women’s Bible studies

Saturday @ 7:00pm – adults & teens – Movie Nights for Thinkers and Seekers

Click on the graphic for more information:

Friday @ 8:00pm – adults – Vineyard Institute

Classes start soon for our VI (Vineyard Institute) course on “Old Testament Theology” with DVD teacher Brittany Kim, Ph.D. Click here for more information!

This course provides a book-by-book survey of the Old Testament. It focuses on (1) tracing the development of significant theological themes (particularly the establishment of Yahweh’s kingdom on earth), (2) discerning the overarching message of each book as well as how the books fit together within the larger canon, exploring the various literary genres found in the Old Testament, and (4) assessing the significance of the Old Testament for the ongoing life of the church today.

Friday evenings @ 8:00—9:30pm (Sculley home)
June 15th—August 17th, 2018, $150

Small group resources

Here are some great ice-breaker questions for small groups!

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