We offer a variety of opportunities for training – in the classroom, hands-on, with a mentor.

Friday @ 8:00pm – adults – Vineyard Institute

Vineyard Institute @ Sculley home (Norcross)

We have studied these Vineyard Institute courses in our Liberty Vineyard Church cohort:

“Vineyard Theology: The Kingdom and the Spirit” (Doug Erickson)
“The Book of Hebrews” (Derek Morphew)
“The Holy Spirit: God Inside Out” (Simon Ponsonby)
“1 Corinthians” (Quinton Howitt)
“Luke-Acts” (Derek Morphew)
“Biblical Metanarrative” (Bill Jackson)

Contact site coordinator Karen for more information, or to register for the next course $150

Each course counts as 1 unit towards the following Vineyard Institute certificates:
Online Certificate in Biblical Studies (15 units)
Certificate in Biblical Leadership (15 units)
Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership (30 units)

Annual conference – Society of Vineyard Scholars

Vineyard Scholars

This year’s SVS conference will be held on date tba, 2018 at location tba. Click here if you’d like more information or if you’d like to support one of our delegates, some of whom have been presenters and / or moderators.

Spiritual Direction

Several of us have completed two years of training with the Vineyard School of Spiritual Direction. We offer spiritual direction (by appointment).

Daytime women’s prayer retreat – date tba soon (early 2018) @ 9:00am – 4:00pm

women's prayer retreat August 2017

Ladies, we’d like to invite you to join us on Saturday, date-tba for our Liberty Vineyard daytime women’s prayer retreat ($10 includes lunch).

As in previous prayer retreats we’ve done, we want to grow in prayer and listening to what the Lord is speaking to us, using all manner of ways in which the Lord has endowed us . . . space, time, creativity, senses, gifts, gleanings from the body of Christ . . . we will begin at 9am and end at 4pm, and you are welcome to join us for all or part of it, as your schedule allows.

We aim to host two daytime women’s prayer retreats each year – Let us know if you’d like to be included on our email list to receive periodic invitations to women’s prayer retreats and Bible studies

Training resources

Vineyard Resources Vineyard USA books, CDs, downloads, DVDs, teachings, apparel, church visitor gifts
Vineyard School of Spiritual Direction A spiritual director is someone who comes alongside “directees” to help them notice how God is being revealed to them. It’s like dusting for the fingerprints of God. A spiritual director walks beside someone in their spiritual journey, with both individuals more attentively noticing the work of the Holy Spirit in their life and how they respond to Him, how He is present in their circumstances and relationships, with the goal of experiencing greater depths of the love of Christ, increased freedom in prayer, and abiding peace and joy.
Vineyard Heroic Leadership Institute exists to serve the Vineyard movement and to create a path for the young leaders. HLI is committed to raising a generation of risk-taking leaders who’s identity is rooted in the Fathers love. An army is rising who are ready to join in His redemptive mission for humanity in each and every community around the globe!
Society of Vineyard Scholars exists to foster a community of theological discourse in the Vineyard movement
Vineyard Publishing Vineyard International resources (this site is from Vineyard South Africa)

Pray Blocks

May-I-pray-for-you-right-now training

date: tba
location: tba Let us know if you’re interested!
Class – Vineyard 5-step healing model
“May I pray for you right now?” Come learn how to pray for others, using the Vineyard 5-step healing model. Taught by Allen & Nancy Penton. All ages welcome!

contemplative photography

Contemplative Photography Workshop

date: tba (9:00am – 7:00pm) Let us know if you’re interested!
location: Stone Mountain Park
Class – Contemplative Photgraphy Workshop: see the spiritual side of photography. Taught by Allen & Nancy Penton. All teens & adults welcome!

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